Recession Proof Honeymoon Ideas

Overspending can be a big problem with weddings; with that dream wedding in your mind it’s hard to say
no to the extra meal or altering bridesmaid number three’s dress so she is happy. Your budget slowly goes
through the roof.It’s not all doom and gloom, one area you can save a little of those hard earned pennies is your honeymoon.
Before you groan and think you have to give up on your first holiday as a married couple don’t despair –
believe it or not the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland have some amazing low priced Honeymoon options to offer for a pinch of the cost. Below are various, potentially money saving honeymoon ideas from across our gorgeous lands!

Hotel and Spa getaways

This is by far the most luxurious option for a lovely Honeymoon without going abroad. There are hotels all
over England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales but if you want that honeymoon feel my favourite place is England’s South coast. Beaches to countryside, great shopping and beautiful, historic cities and coastal towns there is so much to see and do.

*The Imperial Hotel in Torquay

Hotels offer all the home comforts you need as well as restaurants, Bars, Spa facilities and if you feel up to
it there is usually a gym or pool too. Most hotels will offer great package deals for Spa treatments – often
including a free drink and canapés.

The south coast of the UK has a lot to offer newlyweds, with fantastic scenery and beaches, at the right time of year you would think you were in Spain Just substitute the Sangria for a glass of bubbly and sit back and watch the sun set your balcony with your new hubby!

*The Imperial Hotel in Torquay


Ok, so camping has never been my cup of tea, the mud, the weather and the lack of privacy is just too much, it doesn’t fit in with the idea of a honeymoon I know. Glamping however could just be the thing you need.

All you have to do is Google “Glamping in the UK” and the options are endless.

Cosy log cabins, grand tipis and Urts, Cute little wagons and Shepherds huts – the options are endless. You
can look for the right type of Glamping experience for you and you won’t have to walk a mile with a bucket to fetch some water of bring battery or gas powered straighteners ladies – depending on what you are looking for you can have all the home comforts like electricity and running water.

You can “glamp” anywhere and everywhere, consider the rural highlands of Morayshire, the Welsh Valleys,
Norfolk coast or Londonderry – the options for UK Glamping are as open as you are to the idea.

Your honeymoon doesn’t have to involve flying overseas to an exotic destination when there are so many
different options here on your doorstep all you have to do is look.

Useful websites for UK Honeymoons

Author bio: Written by Leslie Harding on behalf of Puma Hotels. Leslie grew up in the RAF and spent much of her childhood moving house around the UK. Her favourite place to Visit is the south coast of England

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