How to Transport your Wedding Dress

Transporting your wedding dress can be one of the greatest challenges a bride will face before her
wedding day. There is no fool-proof way to get your dress from ‘A to B’; however there are a few low
risk options recommended by wedding experts.



You may need to pack your wedding dress in a suitcase or a box while it’s being transported. If this is
the case, place layers of acid free tissue between each fold as this will help to reduce the amount of
wrinkles. If your dress has embellishments attached, be sure to place tissue around them to prevent
any damage as these areas tend to be very delicate.

Check with your wedding retailer or dress maker to see if they have a packing service, alternatively
you can ask them for guidance in the process.


If you’re having a wedding abroad or out of town and travelling by plane, under no circumstances
should you check in your dress. The last thing you need is for your luggage to be lost or your dress to
become damaged. Instead buy your dress a seat, yes it does sound crazy but if it’s feasible at least
you will have peace of mind for the whole journey. This is especially good if you have a large princess
– ball gown styled dress. There is one of two things you can do, store the dress in the overhead
locker –perfect for keeping an eye on it, or you can ask a flight attendant to store the dress in the
on-board closet. It might be an idea to see if you can arrange this before the day of the flight. If it’s
not possible, just ask a flight attendant again when you board the flight.

Be sure to ask your wedding dress retailer to stuff the dress before you take it home – it’ll save
you having to do it yourself. If this isn’t an option – don’t panic! You can easily do it yourself. Stuff
the dresses bodice (and sleeves if you have them) with acid free tissue paper and place in a zipper
garment bag. If you have a train, fold it once at the bottom of the garment bag with tissue in
between. This will help to protect your dress from harm and wrinkling during the flight.


Trains can be an excellent way to travel with a wedding dress and again it could be an option to pay
for an extra seat to place your dress. As trains have less space I would keep the dress in protective
packaging such as a garment holder or thin plastic bag to avoid damage or spills.

Be sure to get the train during off-peak travelling hours. This way you will have more space to
store your dress, you don’t want to risk your beautiful dress being squashed by a suitcase or an
overcrowded carriage!


The best way to travel for peace of mind is by car, but this doesn’t mean that you should drive half
way across Europe to get to your destination. This method of travel does entail more stuffing, you
need to stuff the bodice of the dress with acid free tissue then place the dress in a thin plastic bag
or garment holder. Hang the dress above the car door and lay the rest of it across the back seat.

Take a trusted travel partner with you to either drive or keep an eye on the dress. It may sound
unnecessary now but you’ll be surprised how distracted you can get – bridesmaid duties?

Getting the wrinkles out

It is inevitable that your dress will incur some wrinkles during travel, but don’t panic as there are
plenty of ways to get rid of them.

  • Let the dress hang for a day or two if you have time, most wrinkles will drop out naturally
  • Take a travel steamer with you
  • Hang the dress in the bathroom turn the shower on with very hot water, close the door and
  • the wrinkles will fall out
  • Alternatively, you can always take your wedding dress to the dry cleaners to get those
  • wrinkles out once you arrive at your destination.
Author Bio: This post was written by Laura Woodhouse who works on behalf of House of Fraser’s Antler department.

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