Grooms, do you need help choosing an engagement ring for Valentine’s Day?

With only a week to go until ‘the big day’ our great friends at Appleby’s have put together a great post on choosing an engagement ring for Valentine’s Day.

It’s one of the most romantic days of the year, so it should come as no surprise that Valentine’s Day
is one of the most popular days to get down on one knee. If you’re thinking of popping that once in
a lifetime question on February 14th 2013, here are some tips for choosing a ring that will make your
beloved bound to say yes!

Snoop through her jewellery box

This might sound sneaky, but it’s actually thoughtful – it’s a great way of making sure that your
choice of ring corresponds with her personal style and tastes. For instance, if a lot of her existing
jewellery is yellow gold, this precious metal is a much safer bet than a random platinum purchase, or
if her favourite jewellery set is vintage inspired, she probably won’t want a modern, contemporary
style of ring. Wait until she’s out and spend some time going through her jewellery collection (and
while you’re in there, make a tracing of the inside of one of her rings – you can take it with the
jeweller with you to make sure you get the right size).

Get clued up

When you’re making a purchase as significant as a diamond, it’s important to do a bit of background
research so that you’re not going into a store without a clue of what you want. Familiarise yourself
with the 4 C’s (colour, cut, clarity and carat) as these are the key factors that determine the quality
of your chosen stone, and work out a manageable budget that suits your financial situation as well
as your preferred level of quality. Also, please make sure that your jeweller only uses diamonds that
have been ethically sourced.

Try a twist

Conventional engagement rings typically feature a single solitaire stone with a plain, simple band.
However, if your partner prefers their accessories to stand out from the crowd, there’s no reason
why you can’t customise your choice. Consider opting for a coloured stone instead of a traditional
diamond (pink or red would be particularly Valentine’s-appropriate!) or adding diamonds around the
band instead of having the focus on one central stone.

Let her choose

If you’re still not confident that you can choose a ring that she loves, you could always opt to wait
and choose the ring together. This doesn’t mean you can’t pull off a traditional proposal – pop the
question with a jewellery box and tell her she can fill it with whatever ring she wants if she says
yes. Although she may not be expecting to come away from your proposal empty handed, she’ll
appreciate the fact that you’ve valued her opinion enough to want her to be happy in the ring
that she’s going to be wearing forever, and no woman is going to turn down the opportunity to go
diamond shopping!

Be sure to check out Appleby’s selection of amazing engagement rings, some of which are featured above. 

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