Wedding Gifts: 4 Essential items for Newlyweds

Although your newlywed loved ones probably compiled an extensive registry list at your local home goods store, sometimes the things they really need are left out. Young couples often make the mistake of including a bunch of lavish things they want for wedding gifts while leaving out the practical items that they need. Even though some of the items on the list below might not be as fancy as silk bed sheets or monogrammed his and hers robes, they are guaranteed to be useful to all newlyweds who are preparing to start a life together.

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1. Filters
Think about how often you change your refrigerator water filters and air filters. Once every few months or so doesn’t seem like a lot, but little expenses can add up over time. If the newlyweds you know have a refrigerator water filter, faucet filter or pitcher filter, buy them a packet of replacements to save them some money as they begin their new life together.
2. Food containers
Someone on the wedding guest list surely covered the pots and pans, but what about the other necessary food containers for the kitchen? Tupperware, dishware sets and specialized items like pantry food containers are all beneficial for keeping a newlywed home organized and fully functional. Don’t forget important non-basic dishware like salad bowls, cooking bowls, tea cups, coffee mugs, pitchers, cooking silverware and so on.
3. Light bulbs and batteries
Consider putting together a gift basket filled with light bulbs of various wattages – an essential item for home maintenance that may not occur to newlyweds. While you’re at it, add 9-volt batteries for smoke detectors and an assortment of batteries to fit devices like flashlights, remote controls and radios.
4. Cables, cords and chargers
It seems like a pretty off-the-wall wedding gift, but in our tech-dependent society, cords, cables and chargers are absolutely crucial for everyday life. HDMI cables are a must for connecting many high-end electronics, such as gaming systems. USB cords are for basic connectivity with multiple devices, which are essential for everyone from tech geeks to the barely computer literate. Computer, phone and other electronic device chargers are also essential for keeping these devices running at all times, so it’s always good to have a spare or two for on-the-go use and replacements when one is inevitably misplaced. And if you’re not exactly sure what your newlyweds need, buy a gift certificate for a store that carries all the cords they might need.
These items are likely not the first things that came to your mind when you first begin compiling a list of possible presents to give your newlywed friends, but they are inarguably essential items for any new homeowner to have. Take it a step beyond the obvious when you go shopping for wedding gifts, so the new bride and groom don’t end up with a big pile of things they don’t need or won’t use. On top of things for the house, try to give the newlyweds an excuse to spend time together outside of the home with museum memberships, gift cards to restaurants and other certificates that make date night more affordable.

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