The 8 Secrets to Selecting the Best Wedding Reception Location

Finding the perfect reception site is pretty easy if you follow a few tips. The following tips will help you find that perfect reception venue.


1) Set a budget.

Many brides fall in love with a place without knowing the cost. Don’t rule a place out that is slightly more than you can afford, there are deals to be had, but know how much you can spend beforehand to avoid wasting time and emotions on a place you can’t possibly have. 

2) Be flexible.

Many venues that are out of your price range might make a deal with you if you ask politely and are flexible with your preference. Off-season rates and weekday receptions are typically cheaper making a nicer venue possible. 

3) Outdoor versus Indoor?

 Many brides dream of that outdoor reception under the stars. However, you should consider the comfort level as well as the time of year if you choose an outdoor venue. Insects, extreme heat, or extreme cold can ruin the best decorated space. 

4) Food Safety.

Try to select a location with an on-site commercial kitchen for optimum flavor and maximum safety! Using off-site catering is typically more expensive and presents transportation and reheating issues which may results in less flavorful foods.


5) Ease of traveling.

Particularly if you have a lot of out-of-town guests, try to choose a reception location close to the ceremony. You don’t want them driving all over town, and risking getting lost, to find the party.  

6) Timing.

If your dream is to have an afternoon wedding, avoid a reception location in a metropolitan area that places your guests in rush hour traffic. 

7) Consider whether the location will change.

Make sure you ask if the location has any plans to renovate. If you do select an outdoor location, find out what it will look later on. It’s unlikely the grass will still be green in winter. Also ask about plantings and decorations, does the location change those out for the seasons and/or holidays? And if they do, will those still go with the color scheme and/or theme you wanted. 

8) Study up!

Search for reviews on the venue on the internet of wedding publications, and make sure they are positive. One of two negative reviews are acceptable but you don’t want 100. If you can’t find any, ask for references and then follow through and check them out.

Author Bio: Jennie is a wedding planner and event coordinator.  She assists her clients with finding wedding reception venues in Chicago.  She recommends visiting for a selection of beautiful and affordable wedding gowns. 

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