Reader Q & A: Which Invite?

Today a regular reader writes: 

Bláithín, I’m stuck. We’ve narrowed our invite options down to two. I love them both, H2B of course says, go with what you want. The problem is I don’t know. They both work perfectly with our theme and colours and they are within budget, although there is a price difference of $75.00 between the two. I don’t know what to do. I’ve read before you say that invites are {for you} a real important aspect of the wedding, I’m of the same view and don’t want to get it wrong! Any advice?

Here’s our A to your Q: 

Hey Miss Sarah!

You are right, I do love a good invite! For me {as I am sure you’ve read before} they are the first glimpse of what the wedding is going to be all about! That’s why this answer might ‘shock’ you slightly 🙂

My advice is go with the cheapest! 

If they both reflect your wedding colours, style and theme and you love them, they are obviously right for you. If the major difference is price {and $75.00 can go along way!}, save the price difference and use it somewhere else.

Why do I say this?

I love invites and you love invites; sad fact is many others don’t. As beautiful as your invite is, it will only make it to the mantle of some of your guests, the fridge of others, some will save it in their diary, but unfortunately the vast majority will just bin it {I know, the horror!}. So with this all in mind, go with the cheaper option and splurge somewhere else 🙂

Hope that helps!

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