Wedding Dress ‘Parts’ Explained!

For most of us our wedding dress will probably be the most expensive dress we ever purchase. For some, its possibly a dress you have thought or dreamt of for a very long time. For others it might be their worst nightmare.Regardless of your position or feelings about wedding dresses it still is a big decision to make { be that financial, emotional or other. }

Unless you work in fashion or a clothes/ dress related area in can be difficult to know what your options are and unless you are constantly trying on {wedding} dresses, chances are you haven’t a notion what will suit you.

N.B. Please remember when choosing a wedding dress that what you like and what suits you can, and often are totally different things, bear this in mind.

Our amazing friends at have created this fun and informative infographic as to the various ‘parts’ of a wedding dress, this will at least give you an idea of what to look for and what the wedding dress lingo is 🙂

What have you in mind for your wedding dress?


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