Ten Tips for Toasting the Bride & Groom

Public speaking terrifies me. Which is particular odd considering I am a public speaker. So I can only imagine how any of you potential {or actual} Bestmen and Bridesmaids feel about delivering a wedding toast in front of 100 + of your close family and friends or {perhaps even worse} complete strangers!Of course I could say very ‘helpful’ things like:

  • take deep breaths {difficult to do while hyperventilating, I know!}
  • imagine them all naked {like you could actually concentrate that hard!}
  • and don’t drink {I know, I know, how the hell else will you calm your nerves!}
Really as nice as these public speaking ‘helpful’ cliches are, the reality is you need something a little more… well {realistically} helpful!!
So when I found this super helpful Ten Tips for Toasting the Bride & Groom on Southern Weddings I had to share it with you!
top tips for toasting the bride and groom

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