Introducing the new NITRO Wedding Band Ring for Men from Tungsten World Inc

Today we’re very excited to bring you a review of the new Nitro ring from Tungsten World Inc. When Vince first got in touch with us to see if we would interested in reviewing their new product we jumped at the chance! 
Because this is a wedding band aimed at the man in your life, we had to rope in the man in ours, well then man in mine 😉 and my darling husband, James, has been wearing this gorgeous ring for the past week or so and his are the words of ‘praise’ that follow.
Take it away James… 
Men’s wedding rings can have a limited selection and are not often thought off as much as women’s.  So when I was asked to test a new type of wedding ring that will not scratch and being a hands on kinda guy, I jumped at the chance.
Tungsten World Inc produce wedding bands and Casual fashion rings that will not scratch or lose their lustre and have introduced a new wedding ring called appropriately enough the NITRO.”
The Nitro is an 8MM Brushed notched Tungsten wedding band. When you first open the box, you immediately notice its sleek and industrial design.   Eight deep cuts surround the exterior adding a rugged character to the ring.   

It has a dark metallic look that would not look out of place in a futuristic fashion show, however the real impressive aspect is when you slip the ring on your finger the NITRO feels like skin on your skin, to the point you forget you are wearing a ring! Despite it looking quite large on a finger, (well mine anyway) it does not feel that way. I would even say it adds a testosterone feel to my hand, (if you know what I mean and any man worth his salt should know what I mean). 

When ordering the ring, you are first sent a sizer to measure your finger.  Once you have taken your measurements, you forward them to Tungston World and they send you out your snazzy new ring. 

Tungston World Inc, state on their press release that ‘Tungsten Forever™ bands are independently tested to guarantee they are the toughest of them all!’ and although I haven’t had the opportunity to test it to this degree, I can confirm that I’ve been wearing it for all but 2 weeks and not one scratch has raised its ugly head. 

In summary, for the man’s man who wants to look fashionable, but not worry about scratching his precious wedding ring, this is the perfect band for you. 
Thank you James! 
I have to say, from my own point of view it is a stunning ring! It came in a gorgeous polished wood box and the ring is very manly and sexy! 
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