The Imprinting Wedding Ring.

I just saw the latest Twilight Movie { am a little sad it is all over now 🙁 } so imprinting is on my mind. If you are not a Twi-hard or fan of The Twilight Saga you possibly don’t know what I am talking about… { I suggest you check out the books, or a least the movies 🙂 } and while the imprinting of this ring isn’t the same as the imprinting that takes place in the books/ movie when I saw it I had to share with you.So would you? Get an imprinting ring that is… ?

Before we discussed tattoos as or under your wedding rings.

Is this something you would consider for your wedding ring?

imprinting wedding ring

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  1. by Layla Mayville on November 19, 2012  6:40 pm Reply

    I just saw the movie too and really liked it. This is a neat concept for a ring, but I wonder if it's comfortable. Just curious.

  2. by Lissahn (Enraptured Events) on November 23, 2012  1:47 am Reply

    I just saw this movie, like all the others. I like the ring and the fact that a message is there when you take it off. Like Layla mentioned, I wonder if it might hurt or be uncomfortable since the message is imprinting on the skin.

  3. by Bláithín on November 23, 2012  12:32 pm Reply

    No idea! I expect there would be some mild discomfort initially?

  4. by Claire Boyles on November 28, 2012  7:50 pm Reply

    you could have one made that said "Cheat" so if anyone took off their wedding ring...

    • by Bláithín on November 29, 2012  10:22 am Reply

      ha ha hilarious Claire! Not sure many would go for it though :)

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