6 Ways to Make your Wedding Flowers Spectacular

When it comes to weddings, many times the flowers are one of the main attractions! They can add so
much to the overall décor or they can really take away from it they are not done right. If you want your
wedding to be one that’s remembered you need to take your flowers to a whole new level.

6 ways to make flowers look spectacular

1. The most important thing you need to do is hire a professional to put the flowers together. Many
people think there can’t be much to putting some bouquets and centerpieces together but there’s not
much truth in that. Once you start the project you’re going to realize you need the help of a professional
to make everything look superb! Denver florists can help make your wedding day flowers all you’ve ever
dreamed of! So put down your glue gun and scissors and call a florist today!

2. Choosing real flowers over silk can really help add to your wedding day. While it may not seem like
a detail anyone will notice, the addition of beautiful smelling, fresh looking flowers can contribute a
bright, happy feel to your big day!

3. Once you’ve hired a professional, they can be very beneficial in helping you choose the colors of
your flowers. While the final say is ultimately your choice, it’s nice to have an expert there to give their
opinion as well. The color choice should obviously fit well with your wedding colors. Accent colors can
look beautiful and adding even a few additional colors can take your flowers to the next step. Just be
careful not to go overboard! Try to limit to 2 or 3 different colors and make sure everything ties in at the

4. The style of your flowers can add a lot depending on the season of your wedding. Roses are beautiful
any time of the year and can be ordered in many different colors while daisies or lilacs are beautiful for
a spring wedding. Check into what flowers are available in different seasons and which go well with the
season of your wedding.

5. When it comes to choosing your flowers, don’t’ make it just about flowers! Adding ribbons to the
stems of bouquets, or sticking in jewels or other special touches really take your flowers up a notch! Do
some looking around to find out what type of non-flower items you can add to create a more unique

6. The last touch of perfection to add to your flowers might be one you don’t suspect; it’s
called “creativity”! When you stray away from traditional pew bows and bouquets it’s amazing what you
can come up with! You might not be one that likes to venture away from tradition but stepping out of
your box can produce outstanding results!

For your wedding flowers or if you are just in need of a flower delivery Denver offers florists that can
help you with beautiful flower choices and help funnel your creative ideas. The result is sure to be
outstanding flowers to suit every need!

Guest Post by Catherine C

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