4 Ways to save money on Your Wedding Shoes

Some might say you shouldn’t spend so much money on the shoes because people will never see them under your dress.  I tend to disagree because if you plan on having a kick-ass party, they will be seen for sure!  Your shoes, jewelry and other accessories can complete the wedding look and should never be overlooked.  But if you are trying to save some money to add another guest, here are 4 tips to get the best
bang for your buck on your wedding shoes:g for your buck on your wedding shoes
1. Facebook & Twitter – Search the web for a couple of accessory sites you like.  Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.  You are guaranteed to get special coupons and offers that only available for followers.  Decided what style you want.  As soon as you see that special offer, buy it immediately.2. Borrow them – If you aren’t a shoe person and you know you’ll never wear the shoes again then just borrow them!  Ask family and friends that have fancy shoes.  Remember, they don’t have to be white wedding shoes.

3. Buy a non-wedding shoe – There is a very important distinction between something that is for a “wedding” and something that is “non-wedding”.  And the difference is price.  Buying a pair of shoes at a non-wedding location like a department store can save you money.  And an added bonus, you can use a
regular coupon and get even a bigger discount.

4. Go simple –The more beading, the more money.  Simple as that.

There.  Don’t you feel better?  The best part about this is you can apply these tips to anything you purchase for your wedding.  Try it! A little money saving can go a long way.

Author Bio:  Arianny L. Rodriguez is the author and is devoted to helping brides find the perfect accessories for their unique wedding style.  Find wedding shoes, evening shoes, handbags and other accessories at BridalShoeStyle.com. For unique ideas and exclusive discounts follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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