Idea of the day: Personalised Wedding Confetti

Confetti, something dated or a romantic tradition? Personally, I love the idea. . I still remember as a young child showering Barbie and Ken with DIY confetti and on occasion myself..yes sad I know but surely I wasn’t the only little girl that practised for her wedding day?!

However do make sure first that your venue allows it!Maybe save it for the reception, either scatter them on the tables or have them in little jars to be used later that night when the bride and groom leave the wedding reception. There are many ways in which you can incorporate it into your wedding day.

I love the idea of using confetti made from an old romantic novel, perhaps pride and prejudice is a favourite of yours? Or maybe you both have a favourite poem or song?Don’t worry you wont need to cut up your favourite book…they are available to order online! If neither of those are to your taste you can always  personalise the confetti with your names! Now that’s what I call planning your wedding down to every fine detail!


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