What type of Pearls will you wear on your wedding day?

We’ve all heard that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but did you know that pearls are actually
the most popular bridal gemstone?

However, all pearls aren’t made the same and there are multiple types of freshwater and
saltwater pearls. A fact that we love about the only organic gemstone is that they come in
different hues and shapes so there is no reason a bride has to go without a set of pearls.




Freshwater Pearls

Like their name suggests, freshwater pearls can be found in fresh water. Although they can be
round, they typically possess an irregular shape. Freshwater pearls can be found (or cultivated)
in mussels located in lakes, ponds, creeks and rivers and are the most versatile types of pearls
because of their multitude of shapes and colors.

Saltwater Pearls

Saltwater pearls come in three major types, Akoya, Tahitian and South Sea. Although the
properties of each type vary, they will all be found in the oceans, gulfs, seas or bays. The best
saltwater pearls are small and are almost a perfect sphere. If you want to discover the traits of
the most popular kinds of saltwater pearls, read on.

  • Akoya Pearls. Akoya pearls are classically white. They derive their name from the Akoya oyster which is typically found in China and Japan. They are world-famous for producing pearls with a vibrant luster and classic colors which endears them to brides across the globe.
  • Tahitian Pearls. These pearls are the largest natural pearls on the market and are renowned for their degrees of deep and vibrant colors ranging from black to green to peacock. Although anyone can find a variety of cultured pearls in any jewelry store, Tahitian pearls will be one of the fewer kinds making an appearance because they are unable to be mass produced.
  • South Sea Pearls. Tahitian pearls are unable to be mass produced, but South Sea pearls are the true rarity which allows their price to increase exponentially. They are the largest of the cultured pearls and found in Northern Australia and South East Asia. Tahitian pearls can be found in white, silver, pink, gold or any combination of the aforementioned colors.
wedding-high pearls

Pearls are a phenomenal accoutrement for any bride on her wedding day. Their diverse colors,
shapes and sizes will suit any bride’s personality and style. Whether you choose freshwater or
saltwater pearls, you won’t be disappointed once you put them on.

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