The Best Reception Hall Ideas in LA

Guest Post by David Veibl


If you’re looking for a reception hall in Los Angeles, there are plenty of ways to be creative. There are the typical receptions that everyone does, but there are so many ways that you can get creative in your planning. No one wants a boring, plain reception hall in Los Angeles, so here are some tips and tricks to make your reception hall more creative than the rest:

A museum: Although it might be a little bit pricy, having a wedding in a museum would be a very creative idea, and it is great for all ages. Younger guests will most likely be entertained by the activities that the museum provides, and the adults can enjoy the reception without constantly being pestered by bored children. Different museums can provide different wedding themes. A more contemporary art museum can provide a funky and contemporary feeling, and a natural history museum can provide an outdoorsy feel for your wedding.

A library: Libraries make very romantic reception halls. If you’re looking for somewhere creative in Los Angeles to have a reception, then a library may be where you want to go. Libraries are filled with love stories and fairytales, so a reception in a library would be perfect for a hopeless romantic couple. Again, in a library, there would be plenty of entertainment for younger children as well, so that the adults can enjoy the reception.

A sailboat: If you’re a more adventurous couple that is looking to have a reception with a panoramic view of Los Angeles from the ocean, then a sailboat may be for you. It is more unique than a typical beachside wedding, and you won’t have to worry about getting sand all over the place. It would also be great for catering, because youcan get a sailboat with a kitchen built inside. Or you can simply get a small boat and have the caterers prepare everything in advance. Either way, it would make a great reception hall with a beautiful view of Los Angeles. (Watch out for seasick guests!)

A movie theater: A movie theater reception hall would be a great creative twist as a reception hall in Los
Angeles. Los Angeles has many movie stars, and they are big on premiers in Los Angeles, so a movie theater
as a reception hall would be full of fun and glamour. Kids could watch a movie to be entertained, and the adults could enjoy fun snacks like popcorn. Catering may not even be required, but you could still do catering with fun little caramel popcorn balls or other movie theater snacks with a more formal twist.

A playground: If you want to reconnect with the kid in you, you can always make a grand playground your
reception hall. This is not a very formal reception hall, but it would be fun, funky, and a fresh idea. If you’re
tired of all of the typical ideas that everyone comes up with for reception halls, you can make your own reception hall out of a playground right in Los Angeles.

If you’re having trouble getting started on your reception hall in LA, there are plenty of wedding planners that are more than happy to help you put everything together. There are event specialists specializing in helping people plan weddings. These specialists have seen all of the ordinary weddings that people put on, so they can definitely help you with being creative in your own wedding.

If you’re looking for other ways to be creative, don’t forget that you can be creative with things outside of the reception hall itself. There are many great caterers in Los Angeles that would be more than happy to help you get creative with a few dishes. You can also skip doing a fancy dinner and have less formal snacks at your wedding reception. Whatever the reception hall may be, there are caterers that are willing to go and help you with your food. If you’ve got somewhat of an idea for what you want to have served in your reception hall, there are plenty of caterers in Los Angeles that can give you exactly what you’re looking for.

David V., writer of this article is a freelance writer on creativity, health, events and la event planning. The article was supported by LA Banquets.

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