When should you get engaged? Here’s an infographic to help you decide!

Popping the question is a big step in anyone life. Here’s a fun & helpful infographic to help you decide if its the right time for you and your significant other!Big thank you to reader Brittany Klontz for sending it in to us and to Allstate for creating it!


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Infographic: The Anatomy of an Engagement Ring by Simply Bridal

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  1. by Anonymous on August 4, 2012  3:24 pm Reply

    It's cute and the artwork is nice, but it's not a real flowchart as none of the answers build up. It's also not very informative. Why are the only answers to "What did you spend your last paycheck on?", "What paycheck?" or "Furniture"?

    I can't understand why they would put a First World Problems hashtag under the question "Who's shelling out for the wedding?". I think most people realise that this is a problem for all cultures regardless of their country's wealth.

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