Packing for your honeymoon: Bringing Back the Lost Art of the Trousseau

Ladies & Gents, me thinks you are just going to adore this post! And like us, you will all definitely be in favour of bringing back the lost art of the trousseau! 

Mollie Lang’s wedding gifts consisted of a plethora of kitchen and housewares. As she looked around her home at all her new gifts, she came to one realization: “I’m going to need to pack for my honeymoon much sooner than my first dinner party.”

Lang, the founder of the online lingerie and loungewear boutique byLangley.comsimultaneously realized she had little to wear on her honeymoon, but it was approaching quickly. An expert in lingerie, it was in this moment that Lang realized the benefit to bringing back the tradition of the trousseau, but in a modern way.

For those who may not know what a trousseau is – and we expect this number to be many, as this is no longer a common practice: A trousseau is a soon-to-be or new bride’s collection of clothing items, particularly lingerie, loungewear and sleepwear, that she can wear at the start of and throughout her marriage. It’s a collection of lovely pieces to make her feel her best, her most feminine, her most beautiful self.

And how does the blushing bride collect these pieces? Clothing items for the trousseau are given to the bride by female friends and family, and traditionally collected in a hope chest (though nobody will tell on you if you’re more prone to just sticking them in your lingerie drawer). In the past, it was common for female
members of a bride’s family to gift overly lacy, frou-frou pieces, but Lang is putting her own modern day spin on the tradition, and frou-frou need not happen anymore (unless you really want it to, then by all means…).

In an effort to bring back this tradition that Mollie Land feels could use a bit of revival,’s founder has put together her top picks for honeymoon- worthy wear, ready to be added to your pre-wedding wishlist. Mollie’s Picks: The Bridal Trousseau Collection showcases a variety of options available to purchase now, and though this wife-mother-lingerie-loving-entrepreneur has based her company out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, international shipping is no problem! Check out a few of byLangley’s trousseau pieces below, then head over to by for the full collection.



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