Our new book: 101 Ways to Propose

We’ve been whispering about it for awhile, but Anita and I are delighted to announcement that yes, we are writing a book!

101 Ways to Propose!! 

We are super excited about this project and to share it with you all. {As the Ronseal Ad goes} it will do what it says ‘on the tin’ and give you 101 Ways to Propose. We will have a male and female version, so no matter who you are or who you are proposing to, we’ll have plenty of ideas for you.

Each proposal idea will come complete with a ‘how to’ and checklist of what you will need. ~ we couldn’t make it any simpler, unless we popped the question for you ourselves! 🙂

If you follow us on twitter, or like us on facebook you will probably see that there are opportunities for you to share your own proposals or ideas! We would be delighted to hear them, and those included in the book will be credited to you.

We’re also keen to hear from any professionals, particularly if you offer a product or service specific to those popping the question.

Get in touch with us at hello@weddinghigh.com or in the comments below.

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