How to make Your Own Beautiful Bouquet

Guest Post by Marcelina Hardy 
I’m a bouquet snob. When I got married, I could not find a bouquet that met all my expectations. All I wanted was a bouquet that had white and pink ranunculus, cranberry tulips, and some columbine as accents. While that may not sound like a big deal to you, my florist grumbled, and told me I would have to pay extra for the flowers she would have to order. Instead of causing an all-out war with my small town florist, and risk no one coming to my wedding out of defense for the florist, I decided to make it my own.
First Step: Finding the Flowers
My first plan of attack was finding the flowers. The Internet is a marvellous invention. It took me less than an hour to find the flowers that I needed for my bouquet – and why did she grumble, again?
Once I found a reputable flower distributor, I placed my order for them. The distributor promised they would arrive within the week, which was good since my wedding was 7 day away.
In the meantime, I went to the craft store to purchase all that I needed to construct the bouquet. 
I bought:
  • A bucket
  • Vase
  • Paper towels
  • Ribbon
  • Rubber bands
  • Stem cutter
  • Stem stripper
  • Straight pins
When my 40 stemmed flowers and columbine arrived, I went right to work on my creation. Here’s what I did to make my beautiful bouquet:
Step #1: I removed all of the foliage I didn’t need on the stem. 
Step #2: While holding the stems in the bucket of water, I trimmed the ends. I allowed the flowers to drink some water for a few seconds before transferring them to a vase with cool water in it. 
Step #3: To assemble them, I started with the middle of the bouquet first. I used one hand (my left) to hold the flowers, and then used my right to add flowers to the bouquet. I found that standing in front of a mirror was a great way to see how the bouquet would look to others as I held it. That way, as I was constructing it, I could make adjustments as I saw fit. 
Step #4: I secured the bouquet with my rubber bands. I wrapped them at the place where the flowers joined. 
Step #5: To hide the rubber bands, I used my ribbon, which was the same color as my cranberry tulips. It really brought out the cranberry color for my fall wedding.
I simply wrapped the bouquet with the ribbon all the way down as long as I wanted them. I used my pins to secure the ribbon to the stems of the flowers.
Step #6: Once my bouquet was complete, I returned it to the vase, and misted the flowers. 
Step #7: The morning of the wedding, I cut all the extra steps off, and brought the ribbon over the end of the stems.
Step #8: I placed my bouquet in the fridge until it was ready for me. 
My Bouquet Masterpiece was the ‘Talk of the Town’, everyone asked me if I used the local florist for the creation of my bouquet. Instead of telling them that the florist could have never created such a beautiful bouquet, I told them that I decided to do something special by making my own. They marveled over it. They couldn’t stop talking about how lovely it was, and how talented I was in making it myself. One person even said that maybe I should open up my own floral shop.
I have my bouquet dried in my bedroom now. It will be something I will cherish forever, along with my marriage. 
About the Author
Marcelina Hardy has been married for two years, and she is the wife of a San Antonio disc jockey. Yes, that’s right, not only did she create her own bouquet, but she also saved money by using her husband’s San Antonio wedding disc jockeys company.

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