How to choose your wedding photographer successfully

Guest Post by Elle Williams
Your wedding photos are essentially stored memories, so getting the perfect photographer is paramount to a perfect wedding! You wedding lasts a day, but your photos will last a lifetime so make sure you’re investing in the very best!
1. Do your homework!
Thorough research, background checks and references are crucial in order to determine you’re in the hands of a good photographer!
2. Attend wedding fairs.
These are great for meeting photographers, comparing albums and examples of numerous photographers at once and meeting other couples to exchange tips and advice.
3. Meet the photographer in advance.
Give them a clear idea of what you want and how you want it done! It also makes for a smoother process if you’ve both sat down and spoken clearly and openly about the styles, themes and approaches of the photography; this leaves out any nasty surprises! You want to feel comfortable with your photographer too, so meet in a couple of months or four weeks in advance at least to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible!
4. Don’t be afraid to ask about the bill!
When it comes to the bill make sure you’re both talking in crystal clear, hard terms to prevent any ‘additional costs’! Many photographers have a range of different packages, aimed at different tastes and budgets, so make sure you research and explore enough to get the very best value for what you’re paying!
5. Provide them with a shot list.
Include all the particular moments you want photos to be taken. This is really important; don’t assume the photographer will be able to telepathically understand at which points you want photos of the most. This must be stressed in particular for those who also want the natural, candid shots! By creating a shot list you’re also making their job a lot easier, and straightforward preventing any disagreements, after the day.
Author Bio: Elle Williams works for No.1 Traveller lounges in London Stanstead– the perfect start to any honeymoon.
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