Friday’s Wedding Photo Fix: Barbie & Ken’s Wedding

Yes, I kid you not, they’ve finally done it! Barbie has made an honest man out of Ken and their wedding is just adorable!

Head on over to Glamour to see all the pics from this momentous day!!

Super-talented—and super-creative!—photographer Beatrice de Guigne masterminded this ingenious photo shoot then captured it all on film over three days.
“Barbie & Ken were married at Faraway Castle, in Plasticity. The bride bought her dress from The Fairy Godmother shop and her shoes from the Cinderella Store. The groom wore a suit from The Prince Charming Emporium. The couple met more than 50 years ago (yes I know they look young). Barbie was tired of waiting so she asked Ken to get married.”
You can read more about what inspired the shoot and what went into it on Beatrice’s blog.

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