4 Tips for organising a Fall Wedding

Guest Post by Evelyn Luo

4 ways to celebrate the bounties of fall on your special day


The summer wedding season is nearing its end to make way for a bevy of fall brides. And I say good riddance! I got married in the fall because I love this season most of all. Why? Well when you consider that summer was dang hot, winter is too cold, and spring is too unpredictably wet, fall weddings provide a colorfully perfect canvas for a romantic wedding that screams new beginnings ahead.
In fall the leaves are not only beautiful hues of orange, yellow, and red—the air is also crisp for dressing your best without being uncomfortable—so the idea of an outdoor wedding or reception like I had is bountiful when you consider nature’s great backdrops to mark your special day.
Here are my four tips for organizing a beautiful fall wedding.

1. Fall wedding dresses

I admit; I chose fall for my wedding mostly because I fell in love with the styles for fall. And when you take a gander at the 2013 styles of wedding dresses and bridesmaid’s dresses, you will be swept away by the rich fabrics and colors available to you. I went with a classic A-line wedding gown in a rich cream color with burnt orange details (i.e., a sash that tied into a bow at the back of the dress and hair flowers). My bridesmaids wore back gowns with coordinated sashes of yellow, orange, and red, which was breathtaking against the outdoor ceremony location.

2. Try on a fall themed wedding
In fall wedding themes are abundant! Just think of giving thanks for your love at a Thanksgiving themed wedding or incorporating costumes into a Halloween themed wedding. Of course your wedding décor, floral decorations, table centerpieces, and wedding favors can all suit your theme for a consistency. Think horns of plenty stuffed with autumn fruits for centerpieces or mini Halloween treat bags as wedding favors.

3. Wedding décor For my own fall wedding, I borrowed from the season’s colors, which are rich and vibrant. I incorporated dried straw, corn husks, dried flowers, and fat gourds into my color spectrum. Out wedding reception was outside, and we created a dance floor with bales of hay surrounding the perimeter with colorful pumpkins and odd shaped gourds on top of each one.4. Fall food a plenty

My own fall wedding menu really took a chunk out of the season’s bountiful food provisions. I recommend you do the same if you’re concerned with sourcing locally. We started out wedding menu off with a thick squash soup, followed by a zucchini and apple salad, for dinner was a stuffed pumpkin ravioli covered in crisp pecans, and for desert we ditched the traditional wedding cake for serve yourself pumpkin pie and apple crisp.

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