Wedding DIY: Create Your Own Wedding Photo Booth

Guest Post by Sarah Swift 
Have you been noticing all of those adorable photo booth photos plastering Pinterest and the plethora of other wedding sites everywhere? The newest wave of wedding photography comes in the form of wedding photo booths. If you love photographs and you want a fun and unique way to document your big day and your guests then a photo booth is perfect for you! But photo booth rentals can be pricey and as adorable as those team effort photos are, not every bride has the kitschy photo booth rental in her wedding budget. Enter the DIY photo booth. It’s easy to put together and is a great alternative to the traditional reception booth rental. 

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Just a couple of quick tips to keep in mind, don’t stress over your DIY photo booth. Photo booths are all about F-U-N and that’s exactly what this project should be. Also, you may want to delegate the responsibility of the photo booth entirely to someone else on your wedding day. Worrying about props and shutter speeds is the last thing you want to juggle with your other wedding day responsibilities. So without further ado, I give you the DIY Wedding Photo Booth!
1. Use a DSLR. 
If you want high quality photos then a DSLR is a MUST for your wedding photo booth. If you don’t have a DSLR your comfy using, ask around. You may have a friend who’s willing to loan one, heck they may even want to run the photo booth for you. If you can’t track down a DSLR or you don’t have one you’re comfortable using (who can blame you, those cameras are pricey), a regular digital camera will work just fine.
2. A remote shutter device is a must!
Give your guests the chance to sneak over and take their own pictures. Especially for people who get embarrassed making silly faces in front of strangers manning the camera.  A remote allows for candid pictures that perfectly catch surprises.
3. You must have a sturdy tripod setup. 
You don’t want to take the chance of anyone knocking over a pricey camera or the set after having a few wedding cocktails. Disaster!
4. Setup a viewing station
A viewing station is a great way for guests to see their silly fun photos. A local photography store may be able to help you with ideas and you’ll most likely need a computer and some software to make it all possible.
5. Set up the photo booth. 
This is an easy process and should only take a few minutes. Hang some fabric for the back drop or for those really ambitious brides you can make a wall and cover it in interesting wall paper. Set up your photo booth away from the action. Candid photos work best in secluded areas.  Set up all the lights and make sure to have a station for props like sunglasses, feather boas, stuffed animals, mustaches, hats, you name it. Chalkboards are fun and so are empty, glassless picture frames.
6. Make sure your camera is charge!
Don’t let your camera run out of batteries before the night is through! You wouldn’t want to miss out on those memories! 
Author Bio: Sarah Swift is a lifestyle and beauty writer based out of Las Vegas, NV. She loved writing about DIY and crafty projects, especially wedding and party ideas!
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