It’s Shoesday! Today Emmy Scarterfield from Emmy Shoes gives her top tips on: How to choose the correct Wedding Shoes

Last Shoesday, we became familiar with Emmy’s fabulous bespoke wedding shoe collection. Today the talented designer shares her top tips on how to find the choose the perfect pair for your special day.
Tip No.1
“When choosing your wedding shoes it’s important to go for a shape and height that you feel comfortable and confident in, it tends to be similar to other shoes you already have. By sticking to this formula, you achieve a look that not only suits you, they also suit your foot shape. Happy feet make for a happy bride!”
Tip No.2 
“Colour is key. You’ll need to decide early on if you want your shoe colour to match your dress perfectly, or if you’d prefer to go for a softer shade that tones or even a bright colour to introduce an accent. Lots of wedding shoes can be dyed after the big day, it’s always a good thing to ask about especially if they are a bit top heavy on the budget! A future new lease of life can easily make an indulgent shoe splurge allot less painful.”


Tip No.3
“Shape is particularly important, the shoes finish off the look. They are the punctuation if you like to the statement your dress is making. As a rule, if you choose a formal, structured dress a closed toe or small peep toe completes the look better. However, if your dress is fluid and lightweight, an open more delicate shoe may be the perfect complement. If you visit my boutique we use a ‘pretend’ dress, a length of ivory fabric. We hold it up against you to where your dress will finish, it’s a great tip as it gives you an instant impression of how your shoes will look poking out from under your dress, and will hopefully help you decide which are the perfect one’s for you.
Tip No.4


“Heel height is on every brides wish list……of course extra height is always very flattering, but go for a height that you know you can cope with, it’s a long day with lots of standing and hopefully lots of dancing! It’s always a good idea to try your preferred heel heights on at home stood alongside your husband to be, that way you’ll get a good idea of your maximum and minimum height to maintain a comfortable proportion between the two of you.” 

Tip No.5
“Details is the exciting bit and it’s very easy to get carried away! A simple, understated dress can carry off a statement detail which could continue through from shoes, to belt, to hair decoration.  On the contrary, lace or heavily embellished dresses tend to work best with softer or matching details to avoid too many stories in one look. Remember, less is most certainly more!”
Tip No.6
“Era…. Lots of dress styles echo shapes of the past. If you’d like to create a vintage look, it’s always crucial to accessorise within that particular era to achieve a truly elegant and authentic look.”
Tip No.7
“Prepare….before you embark on the exciting journey of finding the perfect wedding shoes. Take a look at the shoes you own in terms of shape and height, there is normally a common thread between the ones you love to wear and wear. As you will most likely be shopping without your dress to hand, take along a picture of the dress and a fabric swatch if possible, bridal shades are so subtle and can vary greatly so are almost impossible to remember.”
Tip No.8
“Embrace…. Wedding shoes are exceptionally special, apart from fulfilling the long standing love affair lots of us have with shoes, the sheer nature of the delicate shades, hand finished details and the softness of the materials make them precious and objects that deserve to be treasured forever. Shots of your shoes on the morning of your wedding make a gorgeous keep sake.”
About the Designer: 

Emmy’s childhood was spent in Somerset, England where she lived near the Mulberry Factory. After completing work experience at Mulberry her passion for accessory design was sparked. In her spare time she collected the unwanted leather scraps from the factory to make purses or create shoes cobbled together on her Mothers sewing machine.

Emmy studied at the prestigious Cordwainers, training in ‘Accessory Design, Development and Marketing”. After college she worked at M&S, which Emmy describes as an essential “finishing school” – providing the hands-on experience to understand how to translate trends into a marketable product.
Full of ambition and drive after one year Emmy landed a job for Georgio Armani and moved to Italy. She was then asked to assist Stuart Vivers on the creation of an accessory line for the luxury brand Bottega Venetta. After three inspiring years she moved back to the UK where she freelanced for high street and niche fashion labels including French Connection, Reiss, House of Jazz and Jessica Ogden.
Since its launch in 2004, Emmy Shoes is now considered by many to be the UK’s leader in luxury Bridal shoes and accessories. From a beautiful studio in Islington, Emmy offers ready-to-wear and bespoke bridal shoes and accessories. In 2011, following demand from her customers, Emmy launched a non-bridal bespoke shoe service, called The Wish List Collection, which is made up of beautiful investment styles that will stand the test of time. Using the softest kid suede and finest leather, customers can create their dream eveningwear shoe from a wide range of shoe shapes, heel heights, a rainbow of colours and exquisite hand finished decorative details.

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