Five {Wedding} Minutes with…Anita my new intern

Today I am SO excited for you all to meet Anita. She is my amazing and wonderful intern whose name I am sure you have seen floating around the blog this past month. I ask her if she would share a little about herself and what her favourite things about weddings are so that we could all get to know here a little better. 

I know you will all love her as much as I do!!

1. Tell us a bit about yourself?
My name is Anita and I have been lucky enough to be selected by Bláithín to be her new intern. So far it’s going really well (I hope she doesn’t disagree!) I am really excited to be working with her, she is full of great ideas and I feel that I will gain a lot from this experience. From a young age I have always had an avid interest in weddings (what young girl hasn’t!) and enjoyed organising events among family and friends. My curiosity of the wedding planning industry developed as my older sisters began to get married. I soon discovered the joys of creating a wedding from the beginning and seeing it through till the end. In the last month, I have come to realise how vast the wedding industry is, there is so many different aspects, including my new found love of writing! There are just endless possibilities of colour schemes, dresses, locations, flowers….I could go on… but apparently I’m only allowed five minutes!
2. What is your favourite 2013 Wedding Trend?
This has to be DIY Weddings… I am not an artist, in fact arts and crafts was probably a weak point for me when I was in school, I have vivid memories of my so called friends laughing at my various attempts to draw! But you don’t have to be a De Vinci to put a personal stamp on your wedding. That is what I love. It allows you to get creative. If you feel like you need a bit of help to get your creative juices flowing, there is an abundance of inspirational ideas on-line! There is just something so nice about adding a personal touch. 
                                  Source:  C. Frost Film + Videography

3. What would be your dream wedding?
My mind tends to change a lot with this question, probably because there is an infinite list of options and now that I’m being subjected to even more while working with Bláithín, when it does come around I will probably have to leave it to my groom (with my approval of course..none of this don’t tell the bride malarkey!) I will say that I have always loved the idea of having a country wedding, a nice small stone walled chapel, out in an open space (preferably surrounded with fields of wild flowers!). Jam jars holding tea lights would hang from the trees and the pathway to the reception will be lined with old wine bottles with candles burning inside them. The reception would be in an old barn, beautifully decorated with hanging lanterns and the tables will be lined with peach and white flowers. It would be a very country chic wedding with the essence of a mid-summers night’s dream!
4. What is your favourite thing about a wedding?  

This is a tough one, I have to say I love the whole planning process, though I know it can be stressful, the thought of creating something and putting it all together really makes me happy! However if  I was to be a bit more romantic about it, there are two things that I really enjoy. Firstly, the night before the wedding, there is such a nice atmosphere.  From my perspective, having two sisters whom I’m very close to, I had such a warm feeling sitting with them the eve of their wedding reminiscing on bygone days and talking excitedly about what was to come! It felt like our own personal time together far removed from the stress of the planning process. Though I love my brother in laws – it was nice to have that moment just for us to share. 

The second part of the wedding I love, is watching the grooms reaction as the music starts to play and his bride glides down the aisle towards him. Most people’s attention is on the bride, but that very first moment he catches a glimpse of his wife to be is just priceless.  I imagine it’s almost like watching somebody fall helplessly in love for the first time or like all his love for her has just resurfaced and the realisation of how happy he is radiates from his smile. 
5. What is your biggest piece of advice for couples on their wedding day?  

ENJOY YOUR DAY! Brides and grooms are probably sick of hearing this, however I don’t think it could be said enough! In my experience with weddings so far, I have seen brides and grooms worry about things going so perfectly and smoothly that it just adds unnecessary stress and worry! I think some couples forget (and in some cases the guests) that it is the Bride and Groom’s special day and they end up not being able to fully enjoy probably what should be one of the happiest days of their lives.  They should not be worrying about their guests or venues etc. that is the job of those who are providing the service along with the bridesmaids and groomsmen (whom if chosen wisely are all very capable!) And of course that is why wedding planners/co-coordinators are so important!
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