Five Minutes with Bláithín

So last week you all got to meet my marvellous, wonderfully amazing intern Anita… have I told you she is amazing?She is… totally!

And I know you all know a little about me from our ‘Meet the Team’ page but I thought I would share 10 ‘fun facts’ with you all about me, planning weddings and my own wedding!

1. Did you know I am dyslexic? I bet you’ve noticed some odd mistakes now and then, I try my best, I reread and reread but I know I can be woeful! { Sorry 🙂 }

2. My first job was as an Air Hostess and I actually took my first flight the day of the Paris Concorde cash.

3. As well as a Wedding Planner and a published ‘wedding author’ I am also a published fictional author too; I’ve just published The Meaning of Purple Tulips, a thrilling romance novel!

4. I started planning weddings while working as an Interior Designer; I helped a client’s son and his fiancée choose their theme and colours and got hooked!

5. The largest wedding budget I have ever worked with is €250,000 { some time ago now 🙂 } and the smallest is €6,000.

6. In addition to planning and writing about weddings I also lecture to those studying Wedding Planning and Event Management.

7. I cry at all my couple’s weddings, mostly because its the end of my special journey with them; thankfully our professional relationship often blossoms into amazing friendships!

8. My own wedding very nearly did not take place; my ‘to be’ husband was supposed to be on top of the World Trade Centre on September 11th. Thankfully he was not 🙂

9. Crème Brulee is my ‘all – time’ favourite desert and it’s what we served after our Wedding Breakfast.

10. My first dance was to ‘ I wanna grow old with you. ‘

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