Blá’s Idea of the Day: ‘ In Memory of Chair’

I think this is a really special idea.Unfortunately there will always be people who you would love to have at your wedding who can’t be there because they are no longer with us, unable to travel or ill. This is such a sweet way of including them in your day and remembering how special they are to you both.

bla's idea of the day, in memory of chair

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  1. by Anonymous on July 23, 2012  3:06 am Reply

    I plan on doing this at my wedding for my mom. I originally got the idea from a friend of mine who did the same thing for her mom and did a picture along with the mother of the bride corsage. I think it's a beautiful idea.

    • by Bláithín on July 23, 2012  8:21 am Reply

      It really is such a touching idea. I love the addition of the corsage! Hope you have a fabulous day!!

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