Bahamas 16 Islands Wedding Invitation, Wedding No 9: Helena and Jonathan’s "Love In The Deep Blue Sea" Wedding

Helena Hewett and Jonathan Briley of London literally took the plunge in an amazing pool at Captain Bill’s Blue Hole after taking their vows under an arch of hibiscus, surrounded by love vine and bougainvillea. Helena, a presenter manager, and Jonathan, a comedy agent, are one of the 16 lucky couples that have won the 16 Islands Wedding Invitation. Upon being told of their dream wedding arrangements, Helena said “Jon and I visited The Bahamas last year and saw couples getting married there; I’m looking forward to saying ‘I do’ surrounded by the beauty and nature of Andros… I still can’t believe it’s really happening!”
Despite being the largest Island in the Bahamas, Andros is still largely undeveloped and delightfully unspoiled, the haunt of divers, fishermen, nature lovers and local craftspeople famous for making waterproof straw baskets and colourful Androsia batik fabric.
One should follow the audacious footsteps of Helena and Jonathan as this is the place to plunge beneath the waves. For Andros is also famous for its vast coral reef (one of the world’s largest) and for its inky-dark Blue Holes, part of a fascinating network of underground caves forged in prehistoric times and home – so local superstition has it – to a dragon-like sea monster called Lusca (the Bahamians’ version of Nessie).
Helena and Jonathan and their two guests stayed at Kamalame Cay, Andros.
We wish Helena and Jonathan a very happy marriage for the years to come!
Next Monday we will embark on the “Golden Grove Romance” of Louise Murfin and Steven Bennett of Huddersfield, Yorkshire.

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  1. by Bahamas wedding on July 16, 2012  6:26 pm Reply

    Andros, another unspoiled gem in the out islands of the Bahamas. Thanks for sharing Andros and this beautiful wedding with the world!

    There is really no place like the Bahamas for a destination wedding....

  2. by Bláithín on July 19, 2012  10:35 pm Reply

    We agree! We're all dying to go ourselves! One day... fingers crossed! :)

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