Bahamas 16 Islands Wedding Invitation, Wedding No 16: Laura and Richard’s "Pink Sand Paradise" Wedding

The Famous rosy-hued sand of Harbour Island is where Laura James and Richard Baker of Fareham, Hampshire had their dream wedding. They said “I do” beneath a bougainvillea and palm-fringed arbour while the crystalline ocean lapped the shore. Laura, a graphic designer and Richard, a police constable, are the last of the 16 lucky couples that won the 16 Islands Wedding Invitation.

Tiny Harbour Island is just a ten minute boat ride away from Eleuthera and every bit as pretty, with its pineapple groves and old clapboard houses.

What it lacks in size it makes up for in glamour, for its laid-back atmosphere, exquisite pink sand beaches and pastel-washed New England-style clapboard houses have made Harbour Island a magnet for the rich and famous and earned its 300 year old capital Dunmore Town a name as the `Nantucket of the Caribbean’.
Dunmore Town’s sophisticated shops, gourmet restaurants and vibrant nightclubs have made it the haunt of celebrities including Bill Gates, Elle McPherson and India Hicks, all of whom have property here.
Laura and Richard and their two guests stayed at Watercolour cottage, Harbour Island. We wish the happy couple a long and happy marriage!
Sadly we have come to the end of our Bahamas 16 Islands Wedding Invitation feature, but not to worry, if you feel like you are having withdrawals, you can top up on your dosage by clicking on to the  Bahamas 16 Islands Wedding Invitation homepage  to get more information on the beautiful Islands of the Bahamas or check out their Facebook page which has some stunning pictures and tips for your Bahamian Wedding!
So what do you think? Did these 16 couples make you want to take a trip down a sandy aisle in the Bahamas?

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