Bahamas 16 Islands Wedding Invitation, Wedding No 13: Jill and Phillip’s "Barefoot Lovers Bliss" Wedding

Jill Barthram sauntered down a petal-strewn aisle barefoot, to Philip Jones her husband to be on a secluded beach on the Bahamian Island of Eleuthera. Bamboo palm arches, tropical flowers and romantic votive candles served as their backdrop.
Jill, an accountant and Philip a settlement officer, were another one of the 16 lucky couples that won the 16 Islands Wedding Invitation. Upon being told of their dream wedding arrangements, Jill rejoiced at the thought “that we will be pledging our love for one another in such an unbelievable location.”

Eleuthera is one of most historic Bahamian islands, with elegant old Colonial buildings dating from the 17thCentury. Mariah Carey was impressed enough to choose this lovely island for her wedding destination. Wherever you go, you’ll never find yourself far from a beach – for though Eleuthera is 180 km long, it’s only two miles wide.Eleuthera’s soft sands stretch for miles and are lapped on one side by the gentle turquoise waters of the Caribbean and on the other by the sapphire breakers of the Atlantic.

The seascape is simply magnificent, and over centuries the waves have carved out sheltered grottoes and secluded coves perfect for romantic picnics – just be sure to end your lovers’ feast with a juicy pineapple, this fertile island’s most famous crop.
Jill and Philip and their two guests stayed at the Sky Beach Club, Eleuthera. We wish the happy couple many joyful years of marriage!Congrats!
Tomorrow we will join Adele Freeman and John Applin of Balby, Doncaster in their “Royal Bliss” Wedding on Paradise Island. 

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