Bahamas 16 Islands Wedding Invitation, Wedding No 12: Claire and James "Monumental Love" Wedding

Claire Wilcox and James Williams of York, loved the idea of saying ‘I do’ on the tiny tropical island of Mayaguana. The ceremony was to take place at the historic “Space rocket monument” commemorating the landing of the first rocket that would take colour photos of Earth in 1959. Unfortunately, the monument had been damaged during Hurricane Irene in August 2011. On the positive side, this meant that the happy couple had the opportunity to marry on a beautiful beach near the Baycaner Beach Resort.
Claire, an allocation and moderation administrator for an education company and James a waste strategy officer for the city of York council were another one of the 16 lucky couples that won the Bahamas 16 Islands Wedding Invitation. They brought  Kelly Wilcox (Claire’s sister) & Adam Lowe along as their witnesses.
Mayaguana is the most easterly of The Islands of The Bahamas, it is a bit of living history, still bearing the name given to it by its earliest inhabitants, the Lucayan Indians.
Nature lovers will find their bliss here; sea turtles nest on the undeveloped east coast, which overlooks the sparkling sapphire waters of the Atlantic Ocean. And birdwatchers can rejoice in 118 species of birds – including two large colonies of endearingly comical brown boobies and a flock of vivid pink-feathered flamingos at Black Wood Point.
You might even spot a hopping hutia – a rare creature, closely akin to the rabbit, which was believed extinct until one was discovered here in 1960. And with pristine coral reefs encircling Mayaguana, water babies will find there’s as much to see below the waves as above them.
Claire and James and their two guests stayed at the Baycaner Beach Resort, Mayaguana. What a beautiful Wedding it turned out to be despite their worrying start. Congrats to you both, we wish you a very joyful marriage!
Tomorrow we will join Jill Barthram and Phillip Jones of London in their “Barefoot Lovers Bliss”!

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