Bahamas 16 Islands Wedding Invitation, Wedding No 1: Sarah & Colin’s Long Island " Tropical Dream" Wedding

Beaming sunshine, white sands, turquoise sea….Sarah Wassall and Colin Beechey from Blackpool dreamed of a tropical beachside wedding and this was one dream that became a reality. They were one of the lucky couples that won the 16 Islands Wedding Invitation giving them the opportunity to say “I do” under a flower covered gazebo to the sound of water lapping the white shore of Long Island and the sweet smell of local Bahamian flowers. 

Long Island is only 128 km long and 6km wide but boasts a variety of scenic landscapes. From sweeping green hillsides and lush marshland with abundant wildlife to rocky headlands and vast underground caves, making it a haven for any wedding photographer! The couple and their two guests stayed at the Stella Maris Resort, Long Island which is also known as a world class Bahamas fishing and diving resort.

It is evident from these beautiful pictures that the happy couple certainly achieved their “tropical dream” beachside wedding. We wish them both a long and happy marriage! 
Tomorrow we follow Mary Gleeson and James Potter of Whitfield, Dover, to the ocean floor where they will have an “enchanted encounter” while saying “I do”. 

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Bahamas 16 Islands Wedding Invitation, Wedding No. 2: Mary & James' Enchanted Wedding Under the Sea!

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  1. by Anonymous on July 4, 2012  5:26 pm Reply

    The Long Island wedding of Sarah & Colin is a beautiful example of the romance of The Bahamas.
    they look so happy, love it!

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