Wedding Cake Alternatives: Thinking Small.

Guest Post by Anna Knight

There are so many mouth-watering wedding cake options out there that it can be hard to know where to start (apart from sampling as many as humanly possible, of course). Increasingly though, couples have been creating stunning displays of single-serving treats in lieu of the traditional cake. If you’re thinking of going small on your big day, here’s some food for thought!

Make a statement
The cake is the centrepiece of your wedding banquet, so if you’re going to replace it, it better be with something equally visually arresting. Cupcakes are a versatile choice as you can set them up in so many different ways, such as building a tiered cupcake pyramid with different flavours on each level. You can top the sugary mountain with a standard-size cake, so you needn’t forgo that all-important cake-cutting moment. Or try giving your highest tier a quirk by using a single giant cupcake, complete with decadent swirls of buttery frosting. Yum!


Everybody’s happy
OK, so you can’t please all of the people all the time. However, by putting a wide range of options on offer you can certainly increase the number of guests who do leave your reception stuffed and satisfied! With single servings – whether you’re going for cookies, cupcakes or chocolate truffles – you get the chance to mix all types of flavours. Plenty of people don’t like traditional fruitcake, but you’d be unlucky to host a wedding where no one likes Oreo flavour or banana or red velvet or peanut butter…you get the idea. Offering a broad selection of smaller bites will mean picky eaters and omnivorous guests alike are equally happy.

Fuss-free feasting
Kids: They’re messy. Cake: It’s messy. When two inherently messy things collide, the result is seldom pleasant. Implement some damage control by providing one-bite dainties such as macaroons. Without crumbs or sticky frosting, they melt on the tongue in seconds; and with every colour in the rainbow available, they don’t lose marks on kid appeal. Your adult guests benefit too, as these delicate delights will leave them bloat- free and dance-floor-ready in a way that heavy wedding cake never could.


Variety is the spice of life
Once you stray from the idea of a single wedding cake, you open up a world of truly endless options! From doughnuts to chocolates to cutesy cake pops, you’re sure to find something that fits the aesthetic and feel of your wedding. You can even go healthy with a beautiful fruit display, perfect for summer. Or skip the solid centrepiece and set up a massive chocolate fountain, surrounded by stacks of strawberries and marshmallows for dipping. That way, guests will have something to gather around, and the sweet stuff keeps flowing all night long.

Whatever option you go with, every aspect of your wedding is an opportunity for you to get creative – and cake is certainly no exception. And remember, sometimes great things really do come in small packages!

About the Author

Anna Knight is lead contributor to SimplyBridal. She loves fashion, especially jewellery and shoes. She adores simple, classic pieces and even designed her own wedding dress. She tied the knot in 2010 in a small, intimate ceremony, but can’t wait to renew her vows in Bali.

She currently lives in a partially remodelled apartment with her husband and two Yorkshire terriers.

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