Sam and Sarah originally met in their first year of university in Birmingham and are due to tie the knot in Summer time: August 2012. For their engagement photographs they wanted to go somewhere that meant a lot to them and that was scenic and romantic too – so they finally decided on picking the grounds of Birmingham University – where they met and fell in love! The campus is full of big traditional buildings and beautiful architecture, so it made the perfect location for their special day.
Sam and Sarah have been together for nearly four years now, and have been engaged for one year, Sam proposed last year over a rather special Breakfast and bought his bride-to-be a stunning ring which he had been searching long for. The couple knew several close friends who had married the summer before (last year) and so the anticipation has definitely been building for quite a while. They’re so excited to have their big day and celebrate the beginning of their life together with everyone they know and love.
The wedding will take place in the bride’s home-town which is Oxford in the UK. Oxford is known for being a beautiful scenic city and the couple have lots of wonderful, cute things planned for the day. Sam and Sarah love all things retro and vintage – so they’re big day will be a down-to-earth affair with all the thoughtfulness in the details. Family and friends will be at the very heart of the day.
The couple wanted pretty, cute, retro style photographs that exhibited their relationship and represented them as a couple. Sarah had spent a long time in the past months looking at gorgeous photos from all kinds of wedding blogs –and wanted something just as special and gorgeous for hers. In every photo it’s pretty clear how in love this couple are and how infectious their energy is too. Just the look in their eyes is enough to convince anyone of the love there!
The couple also wanted to mark the occasion with special gifts too –and as readers and book lovers they each had a personally bound book made by Calle Arco. It’s an adorable idea to purchase a gift to mark your engagement photographs and proposal and giving a newly bound and personal book is something you’ll never throw away and means that even in 50 years time when they read them, they can remember that special day together and all the happy memories that came with it.
Sarah and Sam have loved looking at other peoples decorations and wedding photography to take as inspiration for their own big day as the more ideas the better! They hope their photographs can perhaps provide others with the same inspiration they needed!
Sarah says of her relationship with Sam:

Sam is my best friend. He’s been my best friend since we first met and I know he’s going to be my best friend for many more years to come. We’ve had some of the best times together, and faced difficult times together, but we are a team and although we don’t always seem to get it perfect, we are wonderfully covered by God’s grace. Sam asking me to be his wife will be one of those moments I will treasure forever. Obviously I am excited for our special day, to have all the people we love and care about in one place together will be the most wonderful thing, but most of all I am so excited for our future together, the adventures that are to come. I am excited that we get to experience them together and share in each other’s joys and sufferings. I can’t wait to be Sam’s wife and I can’t wait to do life together”BIG THANK YOU to Elle Rose Williams and of course the gorgeous Sarah & Sam for sharing this beautiful shoot with us. We do hope to see some wedding pics some day soon! Be sure to check out Elle Rose would love for you to check out this beautiful Jewellery site.  


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