Top 5 Wedding Cake Toppers of 2012

Guest Post by Tim Stout form Cake Toppers
The wedding cake is one detail of the wedding that seems to be more than just a detail. Wedding cakes are ornate, show personal style and add a touch of elegance to the wedding. These large cakes must be ordered months in advance to ensure they are made, ready and delivered by the big day.
Many brides look at books filled with wedding cake options their cake designer offers. The choices are literally endless. You have to decide how many layers, what flavor of cake, what decorations will be on your cake and how you will decorate the top.
The cake topper is a finishing touch on a cake. It literally “tops off” the cake. The cake topper adds a touch of your personal style to the cake. It can be a place to tie in the theme of your wedding or to have a little fun. Just as any other detail of a wedding, the cake topper completely depends on the style of the bride and the overall feel of the wedding. Here are a few ideas of the most popular wedding cake toppers you will see this year.
Monogrammed Initial Letters
You can literally spend under ten dollars to over three hundred dollars on initial letters to top your cake. It is most common to either use the first letter of the husband’s last name or to have the first initial of both the bride and groom’s first names. These letters can be metal, plastic and even paper. Some are adorned with crystals and pearls, while others are natural and simple.

Just about every wedding is blossoming with flowers. Flowers adorn the bride, groom, family members, tables, and decorations. The beautiful, natural, vibrant touch of flowers is inherently wedding ready. Fresh or silk flowers bring a bright and traditional flair to the cake. They are elegant and can easily tie into the overall charm and colors of the wedding.
What screams ‘wedding’ more than a pair of love birds? This year you are going to see these whimsical birds garnishing cakes. The different types of cake-topping love birds are as great as the number of birds in the sky. These birds can be plastic, metal or wooden figurines. Many of the more whimsical birds are made from paper and attached to wooden sticks, for a more natural, unique look. 

Bride and Groom Figurines

While you may think bride and groom figurines are a tradition of the past, they are alive and well in 2012. These figurines can often add humor to your cake – for example, the ball and chain figurine. They can also show your personality and personal favorites. These figurines are made with everything – from Legos to sports paraphernalia.

Bunting Banner
Bunting banners are everywhere this year. They are decorating homes, birthday parties, nurseries and wedding cakes. These add a true whimsical, trendy touch to your cake. These mini bunting banners can be homemade or purchased with almost any word imaginable on them. Some common words used are: love, I do, the last name of the groom, Mr. and Mrs., We do, and initials of the bride and groom. These little bunting toppers can add a pop of color to your cake or add a natural elegant touch. The style of the bunting can fit many tastes while keeping the cake trendy and original.
Author Bio: Tim Stout has many years experience in the wedding industry. He works for Advantage Bridal a leading online retailer of all types of wedding accessories – wedding shoes, cake toppers, bridal garters and bikinis etc. – brides may need for their special day. Tim loves blogging about weddings and seeing happy and stress-free brides.
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