How do I decide between 2 wedding invites?

This morning I got an email from a desperate bride { Lisa } looking for advice. She is absolutely in LOVE with two sets of wedding invites and can’t decide.She even sent me pictures { which she asked me not to share as some of her female guests read the blog and she wants it all to be a surprise… sooorrryyy } asking me to make the decision for her…{ ha ha no pressure then Lisa! }


It’ a toughie at times, you fall in love with two sets of invites, what do you do?

Well of course there is a ‘check list’ you could go down, are both:

Available in your colours?
In the same style as the wedding?
Available on time?
In your price range?
And so…

And as they are… { in this case } I asked what is the one difference… ???

It was price… a  €50.00 difference. {over all}

My advice in this situation, always go with the cheaper option. You still love them, they are in keeping with your wedding, colours, theme and are available and within your budget and essentially as beautiful as they are, and the lovely memory that they will start to create for everyone who receives them, at the end of the day { some day soon } they will end up in the bin { sorry I know that is a bit harsh 🙂 }

Look at it this way: save the difference, invite an extra guest, have that bottle of champers at the airport or put it towards a designer pair of wedding shoes.


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