Five { Wedding } Minutes with Simply Bridal

1. Tell us about you and your company?Hi! My name is Natalie and I’m the editor of the SimplyBridal blog. We’re an online retailer that
started in July 2011 with the really simple idea of delivering a quality wedding product without
the fuss, hassle, and expense of middlemen. We’re able to keep our items affordable while using
superior materials since we don’t have the high costs of retail space. Originally, we began with
wedding dresses and recently added bridesmaid dresses and veils.

2. What packages do you offer? What can a bride choose from?

While I love our wedding dresses, I’m most excited by the fact that all our bridesmaid dresses
come in twenty-eight different colors so brides can really customize the look of their bridal
party. Our dresses also come in standard and custom sizing.

3. What’s involved with working with you, what can a bride expect?

Brides can expect fast, warm, and professional service. We try to combine the intimacy of a
mom-and-pop shop with the quality that you’d expect from a global brand.

4. Have you any new products or services coming online in 2012 that you would like to share
with us?

We’ve been adding new products frequently to reflect current trends and styles. Our
newsletter is the best way to keep up with our latest dresses and accessories, and it also
contains all sorts of fashion tips and tricks. For instance, did you know that licking your teeth
right before a picture will give you a whiter, brighter smile?
Go to our website to sign up!

5. Can you share some pictures or examples of past work you’ve done?

6. How can brides get in touch with you?

We welcome brides to follow us at @sbridal and submit questions to our Facebook fan page

They can also always email us at

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Five { Wedding } Minutes with

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