Finding the Right Mother of the Bride Outfit

 Guest Post by Jack Denning

The stress wedding planning puts on brides can turn some women into the notoriously
monstrous ‘Bridezillas’. Wedding cake frosting can trigger a full on frenzy – the mere sight of
confetti can cause carnage. But you can’t blame couples for feeling fanatical. Your wedding
day is supposed to be the happiest of your life. One thing that must not be overlooked is
mother of the bride outfits. The mother of the bride wants to look her best on her daughter’s
special day just as the groom’s mother does.

Planning is essential as it is important to consider how the mother of the bride and grooms
attire will affect the wedding photos. The colours of both outfits should complement each
other but do not necessarily have to match. It is often wise to consider the colour theme of the
wedding too. The fabric used on mother of the bride outfits should remain in keeping with the
wedding party but not overshadow the bride herself.


Many brides and mothers of brides find it easier to search for the perfect outfit in the comfort
of their own home. There is often no need to trawl far and wide searching frantically for
mother of the bride outfits when there is a huge selection of designer attire online.
Looking for an online occasion wear retailer will help you locate the very best mother of the
bride outfits and wedding party attire.

Wedding planning is just as stressful for the mother of the bride. The pressure is on –
you want it to be the happiest day of your daughter’s life. But chances are you’re having
nightmares that the dress won’t fit, the best man will lose the groom, and the bride’s father
will get a little too tipsy before his speech. That’s where the mother of the bride comes in.
Exuding confidence in an elegant dress, the mother of the bride can help maintain order and
calm amongst the wedding party throughout the day.



A good occasion wear retailer will be passionate about bringing you the very best mother
of the bride outfits from around the world. From the statement hat to delightful dress shoes,
ensure you find an online shop that caters to your every need so that you have one less thing
to worry about before your daughter’s big day. Compton Fashion House offer a range of
mother of the bride outfits, mother of the groom attire and wedding guest occasion wear
to suit every taste and budget. To find out more, browse their coordinating wedding hats,
wedding fascinators and more online today.

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