Big Day, Big Move: Top Tips on how to move house while planning a wedding!

Guest Post by Ashley Spade
Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking; therefore, you’d have to be crazy to add another
logistical nightmare on top of it, right? Unfortunately, many couples find themselves preparing
for a move at the same time they’re tasting cakes, sending out wedding invitations and choosing
a DJ, simply because a lease is up or the closing paperwork has been signed. Even if you decide
to live separately until after the big day, it can make a lot of sense to move the majority of your
belongings before the wedding so everything is ready for you to settle in together when you
return. Follow these tips to help the process go as smoothly as possible.

1. Decide what to move

When you’re combining two households into one, you may find you don’t actually have to move
everything both of you own. Go through each of your current homes and create an inventory of
what you have. Note duplicates and decide whose couch you’re going to keep and whose dishes
you’ll get rid of. Letting these items go during a yard sale or listing them on Freecycle a couple
of months before the move will help you get them out of the way. Plus, you can always use some
extra cash when you’re moving and planning a wedding.

2. Pick a method

One of the major decisions you’ll need to make is whether you’re going to complete the move
yourself or hire a moving company to do it for you. Moving everything yourself requires
recruiting help, navigating appliances through small doorways, sore muscles and sweat. Hiring
professionals is a good way to relieve some stress, avoid having to corral your friends into
helping and is a great way to complete the move more quickly – something you’re bound to
appreciate when busy planning your wedding ceremony. Consider freeing yourself to spend
the weekend going to a dress fitting, meeting with your officiant or buying gifts for your
groomsmen, rather than coordinating an hours-long move.

3. Pack gradually

Packing a few boxes can be a great break from planning a wedding. Rather than trying to pack
all at once, spread the task out over several days or even weeks. Doing so will make packing
more like a relaxing break than a chore. It will also help reduce the chance of panic the day
before the move because you’ll already be mostly packed. Books you own but don’t read often,
decorations and out-of-season clothing are a great place to start since don’t really need any of
them in your everyday life.

4. Gather support

Never be afraid to ask for help. Friends who are into organizing will likely love to come over for
a casual housewarming where the boxes get unpacked between slices of pizza or a glass of wine
and a celebratory movie when everything is in its new place. Having a few extra hands around
can reduce your burden and help you stay happy and stress-free as the wedding day approaches.
If you’re getting settled after the ceremony, skip the movie and look through pictures of your

Rather than seeing moving day as a chore, anticipate the event as the start of your life as a
married couple. Savor the day and focus on the excitement of getting to live together in your
new place, rather than a scheduling complication when you’ve got enough on your plate. A little
planning, pre-packing and help from friends or family will go a long way towards keeping your
stress levels low.

Author Bio: Ashley Spade is a law student in Chicago. When not daydreaming about the perfect wedding, she spends her time studying, training for triathlons, and spending time with her boyfriend, Tom, and her partner in crime, Sir Winston Pugsalot- a mischievous pug. Follow her adventures on twitter: @ashspade
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