3 Super Easy DIY Table Number Ideas

Personally I HATE { with a capital H. A. T. E } those plastic table card numbers most venues seem to have. I appreciate they are useful for servers etc… but really do they have to be ugly and thoughtless?What about adopting some of these cute { and super easy DIY } table number ideas instead?

1. Twinkle Light Wine Bottles

twinkle light wine bottles - 3 super easy DIY table ideas

For those who didn’t want to buy these and are DIY inclined this would be a super fun project… although for me I would probably use LED battery operated lights to avoid the unsightly wires!

2. Table Centre & Table Number in one!

table centre and table number in one, 3 easy DIY table centrepieces

I like this idea in principal, although for me I would probably have it ‘far prettier’ for a wedding! Painting the wooden box can introduce any theme or colour scheme you want and of course you can also add flowers of you choice! { Another great DIY option too 🙂 }

3. Book by Number 😉

book by number - 3 super easy DIY table number ideas


I love this idea! I love to read, and love old books… they always seem to ‘hide’ the most romantic and thrilling stories… or so it seems to me. This is another great, easy to do yourself idea that is effective and will be a great talking a point at your wedding.

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