What are you favourite types of posts to see on Wedding Blogs?

I’ve big plans for Wedding High over the next few weeks and months… there will be a few exciting changes taking place and as my loyal and avid readers I wanted to see if you would like to have some input?Do you like DIY Wedding Projects? 

I’ve noticed recently, particularly these past 3 months that you have all gone crazy for the DIY Projects I’ve featured or referenced… would you like this to be a permanent feature?

Are there specifics you would like to see? Let me know in the comments below.

How do you feel about ‘Real Weddings’ ?? 

Do you have thoughts on Stylised Shoots? Friend or Foe? Great inspiration to you, or you down right hate?

Do you love our Guest Post features? 
Who would you like to see in our ‘Five {Wedding} Minutes with… ‘ features? 

Where are you really stuck in your Wedding Plans? How can we at Wedding High help you more?

Whether you are a bride, groom, member of a wedding party, a professional or just someone with a very keen interest in weddings and of course Wedding High… please leave your comments and input below!


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  1. by Bláithín on April 3, 2012  8:16 pm Reply

    Ok... I'll be the first to pin my colours to the mast { so to speak }... me I LOVE DIY Wedding projects... huge Grá {love in Irish } for them. { For a very long time I was scared to admit that, cause I am a Wedding Professional and a Planner and should promote my colleagues as much as possible, which I do, but well... I love me some scissor, a glue gun and a bit of making do. }

    Also a big fan of Stylized Shoots... not the ones that cost about a million bucks for one table setting, but I love seeing peoples creativity and vision. For me they are like designer catwalk shows... I know I am {hardly} nver going to be able to afford { or fit in } the clothes that are used in those shows but what I really, really, really love is peoples translations and interpretations of the ideas used. Like how the high streets interpretate high fashion. ~ this is why I love stylized shoots.

    What do I hate? Brides playing it safe... sure, I get this is your once in a life time day and you want to get it right.... but brides... this is your ONCE IN A LIFE TIME DAY... I say ~ GO FOR IT!! Don't play it safe, don't listen to your mum or big sis or whoever... if you want the rainbow coloured bridesmaids GO FOR IT! { Don't make each 'Real Wedding' just like the other... what's 'real' about that? We're all individual... so are our wedding days!

    Ok, there is more I could say, but I will leave it at that, hopefully it will encourage others to spill too :)

  2. by Samantha on April 12, 2012  12:18 pm Reply

    I think couples look for innovative wedding ideas..With the help of wedding plannersPre and post wedding ceremonies gets well organized...Loved out the topic you choose.Keep Sharing!!!

    • by Bláithín on April 13, 2012  12:22 pm Reply

      Aw thanks Samantha! And thanks for your suggestions; they are on the list :) Anyone have anymore to add?

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