Tuesday’s Wedding Ring Treat: The Brangelina Edition!!

Second to Wills & Kate this is possibly the biggest engagement announcement of the next couple of years…And second to Prince William, Brad was next on my list of potential husbands as a ‘wee’ girl… but then of course I met a lovely man from Mayo and that all changed 😉

Are we surprised, thrilled and delighted about this announcement?

As thrilled as I am for the happy couple and their growing brood of kiddies I feel ‘the announcement’ lacked something… I don’t know… what was I expecting ???

As for the ring, well, when I read that Brad was heavily involved in all aspects of the design and that it took the guts of a year to source the right diamonds and finalise the design I was expecting something spectacular! Really spectacular!

I am disappointed! { I will say the pictures available aren’t great… at least I hope these aren’t considered great! } Yes, it is a nice ring and I am sure {hope} that Angelina loves it, but for me… ‘neh’ comes to mind. I’m not doubting the craftsmanship, though and consideration that went into Angelina’s engagement ring, I’m just not impressed with the finished product.

Are you? {Especially considering its reported $250,000 price tag!}


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Tuesday's Wedding Ring Treat


  1. by Jordan Wilson on April 17, 2012  8:37 pm Reply

    Nice blog. Sufficient information for readers about wedding rings. But is it particularly for Tuesday ???

    • by Bláithín on April 23, 2012  8:54 am Reply

      Hi Jordan , thanks so much for this nice comments! Yes, each Tuesday we feature a wedding or engagement ring on the blog. We also have Friday's Wedding Photo Fix too :)

  2. by smita on May 3, 2012  11:24 am Reply

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