Tuesday’s Wedding Ring Treat

What a beauty we have for you today!I just love this ring, so different, so unique!!It is a 18k Solid White and Rose Gold 6 banded Diamond Engagement Nest Ring © and I found it on Esty.com

I just LOVE the bubble gum pink colour of this diamond!

{This gorgeous ring has a hefty price tag of $33,500.00 ~ or I should say had a hefty price tag! Some lucky lady is wearing this baby on her ring finger 🙂 }

The seller, or perhaps ‘Artiste’ is a better word, has many other gorgeous unique rings, well worth checking out!

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Tuesday's Wedding Ring Treat
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  1. by Maia Dobson on May 10, 2012  1:31 am Reply

    I love this ring! The details are awesome and strikingly unique and beautiful. Can you suggest a similarly gorgeous ring like this with at a lower price tag? I'm helping my son look for a ring for their Long Island wedding next year.

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