Engagement Ring Styles with Irish Flair

Guest Post by Ashley SpadeBrides-to-be who know a few things about ancient tradition are fuelling one of the biggest
trends in the design of engagement rings. Incorporating Irish styles and traditions, Celtic
engagement rings provide engaged couples a look that is both trendy and classic.Besides their striking designs, these rings call upon traditional symbols to remind the wearers of
their loved ones and just why they agreed to exchange wedding vows. There are a few concepts
that are especially sacred in Celtic jewellery. They include the following:


The Claddagh has been heavily used in Ireland ever since it was developed during the 17th century. This ring was originally given to symbolize friendship or love, but soon transformed
into a popular wedding and engagement ring. Developed in the small village of Claddagh, the original ring style featured two hands clasping a heart. The heart typically had a crown placed
on top of it. Each of these elements are said to symbolize a different part of marriage. The heart symbolizes eternal love, the crown symbolizes loyalty, and the two hands symbolize friendship.

Together, these elements combine to form a successful marriage. Claddagh rings are still
popular engagement rings in Ireland today. Their appeal has spread beyond Ireland, however,
and they are now frequently seen in the rest of the United Kingdom, as well as in the United
States, Canada and Australia.

Celtic Knot

Often used in traditional Irish art, the Celtic knot has been transformed into a major inspiration for some of the most beautiful Irish engagement rings. This intricate knot is often used as a symbol of family, strength and loyalty, all of which are considered important in a marriage.

The strand of the Celtic knot never ends, much in the same way that two people getting married expect that their love will never end. When used in an engagement ring, the Celtic knot sometimes features a diamond centrepiece. The diamond takes centre stage and is surrounded by the simple beauty of the Celtic knot. For a more traditional look, the diamond may be left out of the ring and instead replaced with a larger Celtic knot.

Antique Rings

While many jewellers are happy to produce new Celtic engagement rings, some couples
prefer to go the antique route. Quality antique rings are somewhat harder to find, but when
discovered, they serve as quite valuable treasures. Antique rings from Ireland typically
incorporate the styles listed above, but with a certain ancient flair that can be difficult to
produce with modern jewellery. When choosing an antique Irish engagement ring, it is important
to carefully inspect all potential choices for possible defects. You want the ring to last a lifetime,
and this may be hard to accomplish if it is already damaged in the first place.

Irish-inspired jewellery is more than just the latest trend; it is a look that harkens back to a
simpler time. A Celtic engagement ring is carefully crafted to signify love, loyalty, trust and
friendship, some of the most important values in a marriage. Providing your loved one with a
Celtic engagement ring is an excellent way to express your devotion.

Author Bio: Ashley Spade is a law student in Chicago. When not daydreaming about the perfect wedding, she spends her time studying, training for triathlons, and spending time with her boyfriend, Tom, and her partner in crime, Sir Winston Pugsalot- a mischievous pug. Follow her adventures on twitter: @ashspade

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