Brides, why should Wedding Suppliers give you a discount?

I fear this may be a controversial post, regardless its one I am going to do.{ I am genuinely asking } Brides { and of course Grooms } why should Wedding Suppliers give you a discount?

It seems to me that nearly every couple planning a wedding expect a discount off the initially quoted prices… why?

Is because you don’t think we { Wedding Suppliers } should pay our mortgages?
That we shouldn’t feed our kids?
That it is not important that the phone or electricity bill gets paid?

Because ultimately if a Wedding Supplier chooses or agrees to give you a discount they are consciously or unconsciously making a decision to take food off their tables, or waiting a little longer to pay the car tax. Because the reality is for us { Wedding Suppliers } is that the bank doesn’t discount our mortgage, so why should discount the product or service we provide to you?

I know some might reply with: I’m getting married ‘midweek’ and ‘out of season’… surely that deserves a discount….

No, it doesn’t… for one… many are getting ‘midweek’ and as for ‘out of season’… ~ it doesn’t really exist anymore. And secondly the quality and level of service provided by hard working Wedding Suppliers doesn’t change regardless of your wedding date so why should the price?

I know it became the ‘done thing’ to ask for a discount and many did { and possibly do }  offer them… but should you expect one… in my opinion no!

If you like a Wedding Supplier and want to work with them, and realize on getting a quote that you can’t afford them, its not that Wedding Suppliers ‘job’ to bring their prices in line with your budget. It’s up to you to raise the budget or make the decision to save for longer or look elsewhere.

As I said at the start of this post, its a genuine questions to couples, if you have a valid reason you think entitles you to ask for a discount { and get one } please do share it with us.

Or indeed if you are a Wedding Supplier who has come across a couple with a good reason for you to discount your services and you agreed with it, I would love to hear it.

{ I’ll finish by saying, I agree, its human nature to ask ‘ is that your best price ‘ ~ and that is fine, but if the answer is ‘yes it is my best price’ leave it there… we have to live too. 🙂 }


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  1. by Liz P on June 22, 2012  11:51 am Reply

    I am a wedding supplier...Loving this post. Very relevant to me at the moment.

    • by BláithĂ­n on June 22, 2012  8:10 pm Reply

      Liz so relevant to so many I think, myself included. Sometimes I think couples forget this is how we make our living.

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