Tuesday’s Wedding Ring Treat

First off I have to say… what will ‘they’ think of next!I am still slightly scratching my head at 1. how someone thought of this and 2. how someone created it… {its true, wonders will, truly, never cease! } … this wedding ring is pure genius and amazement all rolled into one!This my dears is a projector wedding ring… {wondering what to get the groom/ bride who has everything? … this is it! }

Tuesday's wedding ring treat March 6th, 2012
Source: dvice.com via Kella on Pinterest

This insanely amazing and unique ring was designed by {then groom to be} Luke Jerram and jeweller Tamrakar for Luke’s wedding. It features a built in lens and a transparent slide with an image of him and bride-to-be Shelina Nanji, it turns into a projector when a light is shined through it


The best part? As Luke & Shelina’s family grows more pictures can be added… too cute!

I’m afraid though… Luke gets asked weekly {if not, I’m sure, daily} to design similar for other couples but his response is…

“Congratulations on your engagement! I’m afraid this ring was a one off, made for my wife. I’m afraid you’ll have to make your own unique ring for your own unique partner!”

🙁 … I was disappointed too…  but do check out his website Luke Jerram to see what else this guy has been up to!

Ps… Shelina Nanji you are one lucky gal.. Luke sounds like an amazingly thoughtful and ingenious husband!

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  1. by Michael on March 26, 2012  1:13 pm Reply

    there was amazing rings and it contains different types of rings in this one the wedding ring is wonderful seee

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