Tuesday’s Wedding Ring Treat

For the week that is in it { St. Patrick’s Day being this Saturday } I thought I would feature something a little more ‘Irish’ on Tuesday’s Wedding Ring Treat than normal.Today we’ve got a gorgeous Irish Claddagh Ring Set featuring { I think } what looks like a central pink stone or diamond? And it almost appears to be ‘incased’ by more pink stones.{Gorgeous!}  I particularly like the additional diamonds used on this ring, as often you see Claddagh Rings as plain silver or gold with perhaps just one central stone.

What do you think?

Do you know the history and tradition surrounding Claddagh rings? 
The Claddagh Ring is the traditional Irish wedding ring, it is a heart held by two hands with the heart topped by a crown. The hands represent faith, the crown symbolizes honor, and the heart signifies love.
A single woman {or indeed a man} who is not engaged wears the ring on her/his right hand with the heart facing outward toward the end of her finger. {Indicating her heart is free} Once engaged, she/he wears it on her right hand with the heart facing her own heart. {Indicating her heart is not available}. During the wedding ceremony, she moves it to her left hand with the heart facing her own heart to symbolize that she is married.
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Tuesday's Wedding Ring Treat
Tuesday's Wedding Ring Treat


  1. by Marshal Drake on May 10, 2012  5:42 pm Reply

    That ring looks really beautiful. Even the sapphire at the middle has a perfect grade. It's rare to see a perfect grade stone on a ring for kids.
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  2. by sterling silver earrings on May 29, 2012  3:11 pm Reply

    Now that's a ring that would definitely cost a lot! But it looks so beautiful that it would be worth it to have. Imagine it combined with a gown?

  3. by jennifier on September 5, 2013  9:37 am Reply

    The Claddagh ring is the symbol of your love and loyalty for your partner and because of this it is first choice as an engagement ring. Most of the people love to wear it for the whole life time. Last month I got married and my partner gave me a Claddagh ring with gold metal and it is really very beautiful.

    • by Wedding High on September 6, 2013  12:01 pm Reply

      How lovely Jennifer! And big congrats on getting married!!

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