New Wedding Trend: Wedding Magicians

Have you chosen the entertainment for your big day? Traditionally, wedding couples may book a DJ or band to get the party started in the evening but what if you wanted to add some versatile entertainment to other parts of the day? Well, in the UK in the last ten years there has been in a rise in popularity of the wedding magician. Basically, this is a close up magician who performs at your wedding.
You may well have seen TV illusionists like David Blaine or Criss Angel on the TV astounding passers-by and celebrities. These impressive illusions get amazing reactions but have you ever wondered if its TV trickery? Can it be done live? Well, a close up wedding magician will perform the kind of sleight of hand trickery you will have seen from those guys but live at your wedding.
You can expect to see tricks with wine bottles, playing cards, cutlery from the table, borrowed rings, cell phones and other simple, borrowed objects from you and your guests.
A close up magician will carry his act on his so there is no need for extra staging, lights or sound. The close up magician will wander around your guests performing at one of three different times for your guests.


You could hire him to entertain during –
In an ideal world everybody is sipping champagne, laughing and remarking on the beauty of the ceremony. In reality though, a few guests will be left out as they don’t know each other as well. Well, a wedding magician can pop around to small groups and entertain them. The ice will be quickly broken and everybody will feel included in the special day even if they aren’t part of the photographs.
The Wedding Breakfast
A wedding magician can entertain with a small show at each table as he moves around the room. It’s a fun break in the day and it’s a nice highlight to the meal. If you have a large table centrepiece the table will be split in half and they may feel disconnected. A wandering entertainer will bring a fun party atmosphere to the table and they will feel they are experiencing something special together.
Evening Guests
Don’t forget about your evening guests! They may be late attendees but you need to get them having fun as quickly as possible. Once they have a drink in their hands and dropped of their prezzie (!) then a mix and mingle magician can make them feel welcome with some amazing close up magic.

Added Fun
In short, if you are looking to add an extra fun factor to your special day then you may wish to get on the latest trend of wedding magicians. It’s a simple thing to add and can bring about many memorable moments, laughter and will help to break the ice amongst your guests at your nuptials.

Noel Qualter is a top UK wedding magician who works as a magician Surrey to South Shields.

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