How to Give the Perfect Maid of Honor Speech

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If you’ve been dubbed the prestigious title of the Maid of Honour in your best friend’s wedding, there is no doubt that you’ve been given a huge responsibility! Not only is it your duty to throw a string of fabulous showers, host a bachelorette party to go down in history (yet never to be spoken of again), talk the bride out of her freezing cold feet when she’s in the back room of the church and ready to escape through a window. You must also, of course, compose and deliver a speech that has the simultaneous ability to have the crowd rolling on the floor laughing, while they wipe tears from their misty-eyes, as they raise their glasses in honour of the true love that you speak of.

So that you don’t hear crickets when it comes time to ‘knock ‘em dead’, be sure to review the tips below for how to give the perfect Maid of Honour speech:

Get started early.

If you’ve waited until the night before the wedding and you’re at the rehearsal dinner trying to come up with and scribble your most poetic words on a cocktail napkin, you could be in some
serious trouble the next day. Because the Maid of Honour’s speech is something that your best friend will be likely to remember above any item that you are to give her off of her registry, it’s important not to procrastinate on this one. Free your shoulders of the pressure-induced stress and get an early start— whenever a good idea comes to you write it down and outline other points that you want to talk about.

Limit the alcohol intake.

Hey, you’ve been busting your rear for the last several months to be the best Maid of Honour in the history of Maid of Honours, you have a room at the very same hotel as the reception that you can stumble up to after the party’s over, it’s an OPEN BAR. And let’s get real—you’re going
to need a flute of champagne or eight to calm your nerves so that you can actually deliver the speech,
without dropping dead due to your fear of public speaking. Despite all of these things, however, you
DO NOT want to be forever remembered (or go viral on YouTube) as the drunken head-bridesmaid
who broke into a tearful serenade shortly before getting wrapped up in the microphone cord and face-
planting into the cake. It’s a party, so of course, have fun—just keeps the drinks to a minimum (at least until after your speech)!


Forget the embarrassing stories.

Sure, it’s fun to give your friend a hard time and some of the dirt you’ve got on her would make for seriously good knee-slapping material in your speech—but as hilarious as these stories are, if you don’t want to be responsible for her marriage going up in flames before she even leaves for her honeymoon, don’t share them in your Maid of Honour speech. The bride’s sweet little granny and brand new husband would much rather hear tender tales of when she was a little girl or how her and the groom fell in love instead of that time she drank half a bottle of whiskey and ran through the town-square naked.

Just be you.

You might not be William Shakespeare when it comes to coming up with the loveliest of
lines but if you throw your pen and paper out the window and opt instead for Googling templates
of “Awesome Maid of Honor Speech,” your friend is going to know that it’s not really you who’s talking! Sure, you’re going to be a little nervous but stop putting so much pressure on yourself to dazzle the crowd—just let the words come from your heart and just say what you feel—the bride will appreciate that more than any old speech that you swiped off the internet.

Ellie Stevens is a guest post author who shares with us her tips for giving the perfect Maid of Honour
speech. In addition, Ellie also owns Free Senior Dating Sites where she offers online dating advice and safety tips to the senior community.

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