Honeymoon preparation – stay savvy, save money!

First of all, if you’re reading this then in all likelihood you’re either a newlywed or soon-to-be. In which case, congratulations!

After all the turmoil that surrounds wedding preparations, it would be nice to think that you can relax as soon as it’s done so you can enjoy a few days or weeks of relaxation with your new spouse. Well, you’re partly right. Sadly, going on your honeymoon isn’t as simple as just hopping on the next plane that goes to the Bahamas. Some preparation is needed here too, and one of the most important things is making sure that your travel insurance gives you the right amount of cover.
Avoid the word ‘honeymoon’
This applies to almost every part of planning for the honeymoon, not just the travel insurance. You say to a travel agent that you’re going on your honeymoon and you can practically see the £££ signs in their eyes, and you’ll be slapped with a more expensive bill for the privilege. When you think about it, what’s the real difference between a honeymoon and any other trip abroad with your partner? With the exception of wedding rings, there’s little about a honeymoon that should mark it as a different kind of holiday, at least in insurance terms. When looking for travel insurance, treat it as a normal holiday and avoid any specialist ‘honeymoon’ packages.
That being said, mentioning to the airline as you check-in that you’re newlyweds may result in an upgrade, or telling the hotel could mean a complimentary bottle of champagne. Dropping the odd hint here and there could swing things in your favour.
What to look for
Make sure that your travel insurance policy covers personal possessions such as digital cameras, smartphones and (most importantly) your wedding rings. If you have home contents insurance, you might be already covered, as some ‘personal possessions cover’ add-ons to home insurance also cover your personal possessions abroad. If your honeymoon is a little more unique, such as an adventure holiday or a skiing getaway, you’ll need to take out extra cover as they count as ‘high-risk’ activities.
Given how hectic everything can be around the time of weddings, make sure that your policy covers you for cancellations. Although some insurers will cover you if you cancel ‘for any reason’, many will only cover in specific circumstances, such as if you are too ill to travel. The cover starts from the moment you take out the policy until you depart, so the earlier you get this, the better.
Your honeymoon is the chance for you to spend some time alone with your new husband or wife, enjoying the first moments of married life together. Travel insurance should be the last of your concerns, so if you take a bit of time to look around for the best cover that suits you, and do so before the pre-wedding stress kicks in, you’ll have a fantastic and safe time together.
This article was written by Jamie Gibbs from credit card comparison siteConfused.com
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